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Quality Hong Kong themed gifts and souvenirs for children, family and friends of all ages!  Beautifully packaged, conveniently sized and light-weight for ease during travel, makes every one of these items perfect gifts and keepsakes to remember your time in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Bookmarks, Decorations and Holiday Ornaments: $150 HKD

This set of high quality stainless steel Hong Kong keepsakes is a fine gift for any time of year.   Whether using the 3 classic Hong Kong images as placeholders in books, as window decorations, or to liven up the holiday spirit, this annual collection will always remind you of the sensational city of Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong Taxi and Minibus 3D Puzzles (w/ pull back action!!!):  $80 HKD

3D Puzzle Models: Hong Kong Island Taxi, New Territories Taxi, Lantau Taxi and Hong Kong Island Mini Bus

Build your own Hong Kong Taxi or MiniBus! Then pull it back and watch it go. This easy to assemble 3D puzzle will give you hours of fun.

No cutting or gluing required. Real rubber wheels make your Hong Kong taxi or MiniBus true to life!

Collect all of the Hong Kong modes of transportation and race with your friends!

Inside the box: 

  • 3D puzzle with rubber wheels and pull back action
  • Clear and simple assembly instructions
  • Leaflet providing interesting facts about Hong Kong taxis/Hong Kong Minibuses

Dragons and Ladders: Hong Kong:  $150 HKD

One of the most popular family games in history can now be played while enjoying a slice of Hong Kong. For players ages 3-99, this beloved game now comes in a Hong Kong edition called Dragons and Ladders and will entice anyone that is familiar with the sensational city of Hong Kong.

This game uses classic Hong Kong images as the playing pieces (red taxi, tram, Star Ferry, lion dancer and junk boat). The game board has a map of Hong Kong and full colour information booklet is included to tell about the Hong Kong pictures on the game board. A great family game that is easy for everyone to play anywhere in the world. 

Hong Kong Pairs $200 HKD

Hong Kong Pairs is a memory game with 40 unique pairs of Hong Kong iconic images. This game is for players of any age and for anyone wanting to experience the diversity and enchantment of Hong Kong. The set includes an information booklet with insider views of the city, and fun and fascinating facts about each picture. A perfect gift to keep memories of Hong Kong alive!


My Hong Kong Baby Book: $200 HKD

This one of a kind Hong Kong Baby Book is a place to keep all your precious pregnancy, baby and young childhood memories alive. From the first ultrasound to the day your child begins school and from the first smile to the first self portrait, it is all here in one book for you and your child to cherish. There are also empty pages and pockets for special milestones and extra mementos


Hong Kong Gift Cards:  $100 HKD

A set of 10 exceptional gift cards that showcase Hong Kong’s culture.  Whether you want to wish someone good luck, good fortune or simply to thank them, this set of cards will provide you with the perfect card for the occasion.    There is an informative explanation of the picture on the back of the card and envelopes are included. Cards have a glossy finish and are blank on the inside. Printed on FSC paper


Hong Kong Wrapping Paper: $80 HKD (2 Double Sided Rolls)

Every gift deserves to be wrapped beautifully. With this doubled sided wrapping paper you can wrap all your gifts with a touch of Hong Kong.  On one side there are 19 different pictures of Hong Kong, on the other is Hong Kong’s iconic skyline. You can choose which side best fits the moment!  This high quality double sided wrapping paper comes in sets of 2- each 200cm x 70cm (79” x 27.5”). Printed on FSC paper.

My Hong Kong Friends: $150 HKD 

With Hong Kong’s transient community, this memory book is a great way to keep memories of your Hong Kong friends forever. Start by filling in your personal page and then pass it to your friends for them to fill in all the details about their life. Find out about their favourite Hong Kong snacks, places to go, and favourite activities in Hong Kong. Pictures and fascinating facts about Hong Kong are included throughout the book which makes this memory book a true anthology of your time in Hong Kong. A perfect book for children ages 4 to 12 years, who live in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Bath Toys: $120 HKD

Kids love to play everywhere so why not in the bathtub? These fun and entertaining bath toys represent iconic Hong Kong and water makes them stick to the bathtub walls.  So splish, splash and build the Hong Kong skyline, take a ride in a red taxi and play with a pink dolphin while taking a bath.  When you’re finished, simply leave them on the bathtub wall or store them in the convenient bag with mesh bottom for easy drainage. These Hong Kong bath toys are soft, durable and non-toxic. A perfect gift for ages 6 months to 6 years.



Personalized bath toys (including 1 name and a gift card) 150 HKD

Hong Kong Fridge Magnets:  $80 HKD

These 16 high quality print photo magnets feature the best of Hong Kong. Put them on your fridge for a daily fix of Hong Kong memories. Included are the Star Ferry, a moon cake, a lion dancer, the tram, plus 12 others.  They are strong enough to hold paper and are a perfect gift for all ages!



All photo credit by THINQ HONG KONG LTD.
Except the picture of the pink dolphin, used in My Hong Kong Friends, Hong Kong Bath Toys and Hong Kong magnets.
Photo credits pink dolphin: © Ken Fung, Hong Kong Dolphinwatch
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