Corporate gifts

It is always a challenge to find a good corporate gift. One that will keep the memory of your company alive. And it is even harder to find something that represent Hong Kong in the same time. Wouldn't it be great if you could give your business relations a gift that shows not only your company, but also your strong Hong Kong presence? 

Now it's possible to do that with the Hong Kong gifts by THINQ HONG KONG. You can brand most of our products to give it a personal touch. Below you will find some branding possibilities, we always make a customized plan for each company, so that you can see what the best way is to use our products as your marketing tool.   



Pairs is one of the most popular family games throughout the world and can now be played whilst enjoying a slice of Hong Kong life. This vibrant city comes to life with 40 pairs of unique pictures that tell tales of a city gone by and one right on the cutting edge of life. Dive into the culture, hustle, bustle and beauty of the city, whilst giving your brain a workout. 

What makes this game so unique is the booklet that accompanies the game. It will give you an inside view of the city. Do you know how many taxi's there are in Hong Kong? Or why goldfish are such popular pets? The answers to these questions and many more fun and interesting facts about Hong Kong can be found in the booklet. The booklet is also a great way to give more information about your company. 

This high quality game will make a perfect corporate gift for every company who want to give a Hong Kong present that will keep the memory to them alive.

With many branding possibilities you can create your own personalized corporate gift.  

To give you an idea of branding possibilities

* Branding the box with your logo
* Writing a personal note in the booklet   
* Branding the back of the cards with your logo                  
* Ad an extra pair of cards with your logo
* Change some pictures with pictures of your product


As a school, or club you might want to give your students / members a personal book so that they will remember the great time they have in Hong Kong. My Hong Kong Friends can be branded in the colors of your school / club and we can add your building and name on the cover of the book. 


It's easy to add the logo of your company, or to change some images for your product or building. 


You can add your logo on the back of the cards, write a personal note on the back of the card or change one of the images for an image of your company. 


Do you want to give a perfect gift to your clients with baby's? You can brand the Hong Kong Baby book in many ways. 
This will guarantee you a branding for years, since this baby book will be kept for life!

For more information about the branding possibilities, please contact us here